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  • Don't know how to make your latest advert more engaging?

  • Are you choosing the voice for your project because you “like” it?

  • You don't feel represented by the one you chose to tell the story of your company?

  • You think that the last advert you commissioned was well constructed, yet your advertising message did not get through loud and clear?


I'll tell you what happened to me.

A couple of months ago Marco, the owner of a software house, set up an appointment to get me involved in his project. He was about to launch his new app on the web and had decided to use my voice for a nationwide streaming spot.
Before I began, after thanking him for contacting me, I immediately asked him a question: “Why did you turn to me?” and he said, “I searched the internet a little bit, heard some demos… then I heard the advert for Adidas with your voice and I liked it.”
My answer surprised him: "Thank you Marco, I'm really glad you liked my voice. However, in the beginning phase I would like for you to focus on other aspects before choosing me. ”

Choosing the right voice for your business is not trivial.
It's not enough to be fascinated by an intonation and think “here, this is the right voice for my advertisement”.
And this is why if you have chosen a “beautiful” voice it can happen that the advert you made is not engaging.
I often meet people who choose their voice like this: first they ask themselves “masculine or feminine?”? Then they spend hours and hours listening to dozens of professional (and non-professional) vocal samples, until they find the one they “like.”
The search for your corporate voice, the one that identifies you, that carries your message, that has to make you known, that has to represent your brand or spread your mission, cannot be chosen in the same manner as gifting a CD at Christmas.

If you choose the voice only because you like it, this will always be reflected in the final result.

  • How many times have you thought, "Oh, what a great movie... too bad about the dubbing"?

  • Do you really want your potential customers to think “what a nice video, too bad for…”?

  • Why dedicate so many working hours on writing the perfect text for your advert and then have it read by "anyone"?

  • Why invest an important budget in marketing strategy for writing the script, for video footage, for graphic design, for sound effects etc... and then choose an "any" voice taken from a database?

The voice that has to make you known, that has to make you sell or that has to communicate your corporate message, cannot be chosen like this.

If you choose it this manner, when the video will be delivered, you may not recognize your company or your product in the ways they are described, presented, told.

Having a polite voice and good diction is not enough.

If you have a very specific goal, choose the right voice by careful consideration, knowing what you are choosing and why.
By discussing with the speaker, and from the way he or she makes you communicate your desires and ambitions, the “tailor-made” voice is born.

If the speaker, in addition to having a good voice and being able to interpret, is a good communicator, the message will always be effective.

A good speaker is a professional who also knows how to communicate, but more importantly he or she must know how to listen, understand what you need and guide you in the choice you make.

When you find the right person, communicating your message well with the help of their voice will no longer be a problem.

Think how great it is to find a voice that knows how to sell your product, to tell the story of your company, to communicate to your customers.

You will make a great impression from the first contact.

A single voice speaking for you and about you, your product, your company. Anytime, anywhere.

Your customer will immediately feel in good hands. My voice will convey precisely that confidence and assurance that you want to be the representative image of your company.

That’s what some of my clients say about me.

Valeria Alunni


"Francesca is the fresh and energetic voice of our Revolut commercial. Working with her was a great pleasure, she proved to be very cooperative and professional, willing to try again and again intonations and styles according to our requests, to find together what suited us best.

She was also proactive, during the recording she did not hesitate to provide additional suggestions that she felt were in line with our spot. Brava!"

Nathan Porteshawver


"We had the pleasure of working with an exceptional voiceover artist for our project, and we couldn't be happier with the results. From the start, she was incredibly easy to work with, demonstrating professionalism and a keen understanding of our vision.

One of the standout qualities was her remarkable efficiency in turning around pick-ups promptly. It made the entire process seamless and stress-free. Our client was particularly impressed with her voice, and it added a unique and captivating touch to the project.

What truly sets her apart is her commitment to going above and beyond. This was our first experience with translating content into Italian, and she played a pivotal role in making the entire endeavor smooth and enjoyable for us. Her expertise and dedication exceeded our expectations.

We highly recommend this fantastic voiceover artist to anyone in need of top-notch service. Looking forward to collaborating again in the future!"

Anna Ciao

Postilla Marketing

"While we were designing the new campaign for one of our clients, I immediately thought of Francesca to give voice to her/his corporate video.

When I contacted her and told her about the project, she immediately understood the type of product we were making and was able to interpret the script, just as we had imagined. The video deals with a delicate issue.

She managed to get into the situation, empathizing with the subject involved giving, with the right intensity, a somewhat dramatic tone, at times reproachful and somewhat strong but without being too harsh. The client was satisfied and so were we"

Michael Lennie


"Francesca was great to work with. She's exceptionally professional and delivers to a high quality and on time. We're looking forward to working with her on the next one!"


such as the trust already obtained by the many satisfied customers around the world

You know how important it is to present yourself at your best, we know it all too well: "the right suit, the business card in your pocket, the effective website, the targeted message..."

So why should the voice talking about your product be less?

The first impression is the one that counts. With those who don't know you yet and just as with those who already do. Always.
In radio and television commercials, in service communications (voicemail, in-store information messages), in company videos and in internal communication.

Your company deserves a professional voice that knows how to communicate your values, reflecting everything you invest in every day.

Hi, I'm Francesca Pavone

actress and voice over talent, expert in communication

I work with clients all over the world, creating emotion, one word at a time, through quality voice over recordings.
I adapt my acting and voiceover skills to your needs: radio and TV web spots, commercials, corporate videos, e-learning, documentaries, cartoons, voiceovers and more!


I graduated with full marks in Advertising Technique at the University of Trieste, city where I currently work in my recording studio. During the university years I had already started working as an account for several graphic and communication agencies where I was able to apply in the field all the notions acquired during my studies.
In 2008 I was lucky enough to be chosen by Franco Landriscina, one of the leading experts in the field of online training, to fill the role of Instructional Designer. Alongside Franco I made that corporate imprinting my own which allows me to work in an organized and structured way today. Planning training courses, designing effective and engaging learning experiences, creating training materials such as audio, video, screencast and gamification, has fueled and given space to my creativity.

In everyday life I have learned to listen, to understand the importance of words, their weight, how the meaning changes according to their modulation and intonation.

It was here that seeing a dubbing room for the first time with my own eyes I realized that this would be my profession.
A few years later, theater came into my life almost as a game. Today it is my gym.
When you go on stage you know that the first impression is the one that counts: just with your stage presence, you are already communicating. Theater trains my voice.

Often what matters is just how you express that "thing" and not the thing itself.

What I can do for you

I will be your corporate voice.And I will accompany you in all your projects.

I have studied the rules of communication and I also know when to break them to achieve a goal.
I have studied marketing and I have learned in the field how to build an effective strategy.
Today I use this knowledge I have so that my voice can bring your message in the mind of your client.

This is why my voice is different from the others.


My work is not limited to simply recording the text that is delivered to me.
Thanks to my experience, I know what is behind the videomaker's editing work, I know what an editorial plan is and who is an account manager. I speak the same language as the communication agencies and when I receive the briefing or script I understand on the fly what type of project they are requesting my service for.

I can recognize the messages that work well, those that work less and those that do not work at all.

I know all the means of communication and the channels through which they can be disseminated (from the corporate video, to the national advertisement via all digital services such as YouTube and social media) and how to make these products effective through my voice.

This is why I am the right person for your communication.


How can I do it?

In most cases, the “script” (the text to be vocalized) is sent to the speaker who simply reads it.
I don't limit myself to just reading the message.
I want to get to know you and your company first. Once I know how you came up with the idea that you want to implement, I can record my voice for you.

Only then can I get right where you want me to go.


Let me tell you how I work

gathering information

This preliminary phase is crucial for achieving the desired quality of my recording. Discussion Tell me about your product, your company and your goals so that I get an idea of what is the most suitable mood to convey your messages.

the recording

I enter my muffled world and record your message.

Quality control:
the re-listening

I listen to the recording several times evaluating interpretation and form.

the most delicate phase from a technical point of view

Process the file respecting the precise parameters that the radio stations and agencies impose (noise removal, verification of pauses and silences, editing of the track with possible synchronization of the track with the video file) so that it is ready to be used.

I will help you give voice to your projects by reflecting your style, your personality and the values of your company.

If you want to listen to my work