Are you looking for a voice that can create emotions?

If you are looking for a fresh and versatile voice for your ads, institutional campaigns and corporate videos, mine lends itself exactly to your product.

Whether it is a commercial (with radio, TV and web broadcast), a radio ad, an e-learning course, a tutorial or an explanatory video, even a voicemail, thanks to my skills as an actress and communicator, I can help you.

Are you creating a cast for a voiceover and need an actress capable of playing different roles, such as playing a fictional character in a cartoon?


Perfect, you are in the right place.

Nice to meet you. I'm Francesca.

Italian actress and voice over talent.

From my experience, I have learned that these are the biggest problems encountered when looking for a dubber:

  • You have the text of your ad ready but you would like to consult with someone to understand what is the right style for the message you want to communicate.

  • You ara choosing the voice for your project solely because you “like” it.

  • You don't feel represented by the one you chose to tell the story of your company.

  • You are looking for an entry and are afraid to choose one that is not suitable to identify and position your product on the Italian market.

... these are the typical problems that I have already solved for my clients.

I play characters of all ages modulating my voice from newborn to old lady. I will find the interpretation best suited to convey the message of your project: sunny, shy, friendly, dynamic, rigid, outgoing, doubtful, stern, and even sensual or ironic.

My voice can be warm, light, deep or ringing.

I always experiment with different tones to give life to any character, real or fictional.


  • LANGUAGE: Italian
  • ACCENT: Italian
  • AGE: 5 - 55 years, 80+ Child (5-12), Teen (13-17), Young adult (18-35), Middle-aged (35-54), Older (80+)

I create emotions, one word at a time, for clients around the world who want to invest in an Italian voice.


such as the trust already obtained by the many satisfied customers around the world

Do you want to know how my voice met my customers' expectations?