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You will find a collection of case histories, a selection of the work I have done for different clients from all over the world.

Are you looking for a reliable voice to take viewers on an action-packed journey and convey seriousness, confidence, and trust?

Revolut chose my voice for its first brand campaign TV spot in our country.

The agency's request was for a reliable, natural, and sincere voice that would help bring the viewer into the situation created in the commercial.

The TV commercial is a powerhouse and takes viewers on an action-packed journey through the world, along with characters they can easily identify with:

- a traveler who pays-at competitive exchange rates and without hidden costs-for food and drink while traveling to different countries, passing through a French boulangerie, a train car in India, and a market in Hong Kong;

- a young woman at home asking for money - via instant and free P2P transfer - from her friend who is exercising on an exercise bike;

- a man who arrives armchair surfing to help his "bae" buy a cup of Singapore dollars, thanks to Revolut's in-app FX;

- a teenager who rushes to a Prague barbershop for a quick trim and pays contactless with his Revolut card <18.

Produced in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy, the "Your Way In" TV spot is part of a broader marketing campaign involving linear TV, digital TV, and digital marketing channels, which in turn is included in a larger €10 million marketing investment planned for Italy in 2023.

TONE: #reliable #sincere #authoritative #institutional

Do you want to get the same energy charge to your audience that they would feel if they used your product?

Here is an example of a commercial with an energetic yet natural and friendly tone.

TONE: #energetic #bold #authoritative #confident #natural

Do you want to make your advert as dynamic as the service you are offering?

Before the remote recording session, the agency sent me the following artistic directions for this commercial:

"For the two radio spots, we are looking for a genuine, casual, conversational, and enthusiastic reading. What we don't want is anything that seems inauthentic or forced. Rather than offering the classic radio commercial voice, try something that is just a little more conversational. Imagine talking about something you're super excited about with your best friend rather than with an audience of strangers. I also encourage you to modulate your voice, pace, and speed during each reading to help keep us engaged".

TONE: #hyperactive #energetic #excited

For your commercial, did you plan a more "acting" part and a more institutional part?

Pavesi's marketing representative contacted me along with Spotify managers to make the new commercial dedicated to the Pavesi and Polaroid sweepstakes.

I was asked to evoke curiosity and discovery as if I were a tourist with her camera in a distant and exotic land.

A dynamic start, and on the third beat the little quokka had to soften me up.

At that point my tone had to become institutional to communicate the exceptional nature of the promotion.

TONE: #friendly #excited #institutional #promotional

Are you looking for a characterized and original voice to make the character of your animation, cartoon or invented character for your commercial unique?

Here you can see clips from a cartoon in which I played the character of Minty, who never stops fighting for what she wants, is brave, active and energetic and at the same time very sweet and selfless.

TONE: #brave #active #energetic #sweet

Are you envisioning an introspective tone to take the client there and let them experience firsthand the emotion born of that experience?

Here you can see an example of a recorded voice-over for a tourism promotion video in which I modulated the voice following the thread of the video to bring out the unique characteristics of the place, its tradition, uniqueness and essence.

TONE: #introspective #emotional #suggestive

Do you need to create a specific situation to explain a certain dynamic and are looking for an actress who can empathize with the character to recreate the desired context?

Here you can listen an example in which I vocally a somewhat demanding woman who is dissatisfied with her hair and goes to a hair salon for the first time on the recommendation of a friend.

TONE: #natural #genuine #authentic #conversational

Do you need to voice an actress in Italian and for the voice to be lip-synched?

In this course you can see an example where I dubbed the character of A. in which the dubbing was done taking into account her emotions, intentions and staying true to her facial and body expressions that emerge in the original language version.

Are you looking for a voice for your tutorial that is "expert" and knows how to keep the focus on the subject so that the interlocutor can follow the course and learn its concepts?

This is an excerpt from an e-learning project related to "work-related stress" where I convincingly transmitted the course information to allow the user to learn this subject who had never heard of it before.

TONE: #involving #stimulating #pleasing #authoring

Do you want to make your company's professionalism immediately perceived from the very first phone contact with your potential customer?

In this sample message for the IVR (interactive voice response) system, you can see how presenting yourself in this way immediately conveys that the company you are contacting is welcoming, organized, and well-structured.

TONE: #cordial #available #pleasant #clear

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That’s what some of my clients say about me.

  • "Francesca is the fresh and energetic voice of our Revolut commercial. Working with her was a great pleasure, she proved to be very cooperative and professional, willing to try again and again intonations and styles according to our requests, to find together what suited us best. She was also proactive, during the recording she did not hesitate to provide additional suggestions that she felt were in line with our spot. Brava!"
  • "We had the pleasure of working with an exceptional voiceover artist for our project, and we couldn't be happier with the results. From the start, she was incredibly easy to work with, demonstrating professionalism and a keen understanding of our vision. One of the standout qualities was her remarkable efficiency in turning around pick-ups promptly. It made the entire process seamless and stress-free. Our client was particularly impressed with her voice, and it added a unique and captivating touch to the project. What truly sets her apart is her commitment to going above and beyond. This was our first experience with translating content into Italian, and she played a pivotal role in making the entire endeavor smooth and enjoyable for us. Her expertise and dedication exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend this fantastic voiceover artist to anyone in need of top-notch service. Looking forward to collaborating again in the future!"
    Nathan Porteshawver
  • "While we were designing the new campaign for one of our clients, I immediately thought of Francesca to give voice to her/his corporate video. When I contacted her and told her about the project, she immediately understood the type of product we were making and was able to interpret the script, just as we had imagined. The video deals with a delicate issue. She managed to get into the situation, empathizing with the subject involved giving, with the right intensity, a somewhat dramatic tone, at times reproachful and somewhat strong but without being too harsh. The client was satisfied and so were we"
    Anna Ciao
    Postilla Marketing
  • "Francesca was great to work with. She's exceptionally professional and delivers to a high quality and on time. We're looking forward to working with her on the next one!"
    Michael Lennie

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